From Headquarters, Germany January 1, 1919


From Headquarters, Germany, December 25, 1918

The Armistice November 11, 1918

Oscar Rothenberg, 1919

Oscar Rothenberg, American Expeditionary Forces, aprox. 1918, England

Oscar Rothenberg, 145th Machine Gun Co, November 24, 1918, Belgium

K.W. Hagan, 2nd Regt Hdqs, Great Lakes, Ill, August 2, 1918

letters home 1Dear Mother and Father,

Just a few lines before retiring for the night to let you know that I received the five dollars all okay and thanks very much for sure needed it. We showed one company off today and two in, so been busy.

I just had to stop and give one of the night telephone sentries a few instructions on what to do. I sure have an awful time trying to write a letter as I’m bothered about every five minutes with something.

I went to take a bath and shave tonight before I got to bed so expect better stop and get busy.

Hoping you are all well and getting along alright, as I am, you do not need to ever worry about me.



I read a piece in the paper today where they were going to put a tax on all automobiles and on gasoline, that will kind of knock the automobile business in the head. I guess you will have to stop joy riding now.