Private McClintock, Basic Training, 2010


“SHOUT: Sharing Our Truth: An Anthology of Writings by LGBT Veterans and Family Members of the U.S. Military Services”

MAMF Special Projects Writer Caroline LeBlanc is seeking stories for:

SHOUT: Sharing Our Truth: An Anthology of Writings by LGBT Veterans and Family Members of the U.S. Military Services”

This anthology seeks first-hand experiences—good, bad, and in between—as an LGBT veteran or family member, during and/or after military service. Our goal is to create a book that will allow you to tell parts of your story that will also be helpful for others to read—others who live or want to understand the LGBT veteran experience. The last chapter of the book will list resources available to LGBT veterans.

Do not submit any materials previously published in print or online. Identifying information should be included in the body of the email only.

What Genres to Submit:

Fiction: up to 1200 words.

Non-Fiction (memoir, essays, and other non-fiction): up to 1200 words

Poetry: up to 40 lines.

Reviews: up to 1200 words about a movie, book, music, etc. that you think are important for others to know about.

Resources: submit information on resources you have found particularly helpful. (Name, webpage, telephone number, and services)

 You may submit up to 2 pieces in each genre. Each piece must be attached in a separate file. All pieces in a given category must be submitted in the same email. Pieces in separate categories must be submitted in separate emails.

Submissions are accepted between March 20 and June 20, 2016. For more information or for guidelines on how to submit, please visit:

our projects website




Pvt Eugene Bono, Co A 5th Hv.Tr.Bn CCR, Ft Leonard Wood Nov 11, 1952

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Kenneth Hagan, YMCA Wednesday 8PM, July 31, 1918


photo 2

Dear Father and Mother,

Well have been pretty busy today account of it being visitor’s days. We certainly had some crowd out here today.

They just got through playing colors and had to stop writing and stand at attention.

The band comes out every evening about this time and plays colors while they lower the flag and also in the morning when they put the flag up. Believe me that is all true that everything in the Navy stops and everybody stands at attention.

I sure did get some chow this evening as I was awfully hungry. I eat about two plates full of beans and 8 slices of bread and butter and two cups of tea. This is the second time today that we had beans we had them for breakfast this morning.

I don’t know if anything else to tell you so guess will say goodbye, happy you are all well.


H. I. Spaulding, Slc, Co 263-D10, December 27, 1943

sept letter 1The nite before Christmas!

Dear Al,

Just a line to throw you and Winnie for the card. Sorry you have been ill. I haven’t been too good. Could only whisper for three days but had to take swimming test both distance and underwater and high jump into water (abandon ship) when I felt the worst. A lot of our fellows are going to the hospital with flu and pneumonia and the Co. has been cut down a lot. I made good test marks and expect to rate 4 months of school when I leave here Jan. 2-7. I will see you then and take care of yourselves.

Best regards,


H. I. Spaulding, Slc, Co 263-D10, December 19, 1943

Dear Al and Winnie,

This will be a short line because time is very restricted now and it’s nearly chow time. We didn’t have to get up until 6:00 this morning. I have a terrific cold and sore throat but so has nearly everyone else. Sure do miss the Monday nite session and bowling. In fact I miss my ???? but it can’t last forever and it better be worth it. Merry Christmas and Best regards to you.


sept letter 1

Tribute to American Military Families Opens at National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Memorial Day, May 26th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 3.48.00 PM

May 9, 2014

Tribute to American Military Families Opens at National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Memorial Day, May 26th


ALBUQUERQUE, NM—The City of Albuquerque is a sponsor for a new exhibition opening on Monday, May 26th at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. Entitled “Sacrifice & Service: The American Military Family,” the special exhibition, which will be on display through August 31st, celebrates America’s rich military history through the voices of military families.

A collaboration between the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History and the Museum of the American Military Family created this inspiring exhibition that through written word and interactive elements allows visitors to experience the joys, sorrows and sacrifices of those unsung heroes who also serve—the military families.

Remaining behind while fathers and mothers sisters and brothers are deployed for long periods, traveling and living in far-flung corners of the world, uprooting and relocating—and establishing new homes, friends and connections over and over again—these families often receive little attention.

The Museum of the American Military Family is on a mission to bring attention these men, women and children who throughout our country’s history have served in the background, exhibiting incredible resilience through moves, losses and stresses of separation—all the while exhibiting pride and embracing the honor of supporting a loved one who is serving in uniform.

In addition to the exhibition, a number of special events have been planned:

May 31st           A book reading by Steve Sparks, Reconciliation, A Son’s Story at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

June 1st                        Steve Sparks returns with a reading of his book at 2:30 p.m.

June 15th          R. Samuel Baty reads from his book, Footsteps to Forever, joined by J. Allen Whitt reading from Notes from the Other Side of the Mountain at 11:30 am and 1:30 p.m.

July 4th:            Celebrate our Nation’s birthday with Poetry & Spoken Word by 4 Voices at 2 p.m.

August 14th       The film “Brothers at War” and a Q & A with filmmaker Jake Rademacher at 1:30 p.m.

August 23rd       View the film “We Served, Too” and a Q & A with filmmaker Jill Bond at 1:30 p.m.


In addition to the City of Albuquerque, sponsors for this special exhibition include Lockheed Martin/Sandia National Laboratories, Raytheon, Bernalillo County, Elks Lodge #2500, and Marriott Residence Inn.


The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is located at 601 Eubank SE at the entrance to Sandia Science & Technology Park. “Sacrifice & Service: The American Military Family” is included in the price of admission to the Museum, which is $8 for adults and $7 for senior and youth. The Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


The Museum of the American Military Family and Learning Center brings together people with shared experiences showcasing and honoring those who also served—American’s Military Families. The Museum is gathering artifacts and recollections from American military families who served through war and peace in past decades and those who serve today in anticipation of the creation of a permanent facility in Albuquerque that will celebrate their lives and sacrifices for generations to come. For more information, please visit For more information on the exhibition, visit


The event is sponsored in part by the Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation and supported by the Cultural Services Department, City of Albuquerque, Richard J. Berry, Mayor. For more information on events and activities, please call 311 or visit TTY Users call Relay NM or 711.