From Headquarters, Germany January 1, 1919


From Headquarters, Germany, December 25, 1918

The Armistice November 11, 1918

Oscar Rothenberg, 1919

Oscar Rothenberg, American Expeditionary Forces, aprox. 1918, England

Oscar Rothenberg, 145th Machine Gun Co, November 24, 1918, Belgium

Kenneth Hagan, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, August 14, 1918

photo 4

Dear Father and Mother:

Received both your letters today. Today was vistors (sic) day and had the usual big crowd of people. Mr. Adair was in to see me for a few minutes but did’nt (sic) stay long as he had some fellow with him and they wanted to get over and see the main station before they left and they had to meet this other fellows wife down at Ravinia Park and take in the opera down there this evening. Orvale Harold is down there this week. I have never been down to this park but they say it is quit(sic) a place and think I will have to take in some day as it is free to all men in uniform. They have xall(sic) the big opera singers down there and it is just a short ways from the station too.

You said you were sending me some stamps and money but asyet have not received it, but expect it will come along tomorrow morning.

Mr. Adair said he had been down to see Santry Reed and the boys in the radio school and that Mrs. Reed was down there with Santry.

I don’t know of much to tell you except I went down last night and had a swim in the lake and believe me it was sure great. It is great sport to get down there and buck the waves as they come in and ride them in.

Mrs. Bell has not been out to see me yet, but you can not blame her much for it has been so hot and it is a long tiresome trip out here and then it takes so much walking around after you get out here.

We had a big wind storm and rain last night about nine o’clock and it kind of tore up things around here for a little while.

I guess better come to a close now hoping you are all well and expecting to see Bill Friday.