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Jean, Air Force Wife, Oct 7, 1958

Jean, Bryan, Air Force Family, Tripoli, 1950s

Jean, Air Force Wife, Tripoli

Smitty’s Letter to Mom, Leyte

All ashore that’s going’ ashore….. As the ships drew closer to Leyte, the American soldiers already on shore were being hampered by logistical problems which caused a severe delay in capturing the island. When the 11th A/B division arrived, General Hodge was finally able to move General Arnold’s 7th division and their plans came together. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

via Smitty’s Letter XV – “Landing” — Pacific Paratrooper

You’re invited to an Open House

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Smitty’s drawings and a cold shower

Pacific Paratrooper

Various Army latrines Various Army latrines

Smitty did not write home about his experience with the showers. (Unfortunately, I do not remember which island this story occurred on.)

He was coming back into camp after having a nice cold shower.  He walked back with a towel wrapped around his middle and held it closed with his left hand.  The jungle appeared quiet except for the buzzing of the insects whizzing around him.

WAC Invasion

He said, “You know how annoying just one mosquito can be when it’s hovering by your ears.  This was like a swarm and I tried like hell to use my right hand to swat them away from my face.  When I began to approach our tents there was not one man to be seen and I couldn’t imagine where they all went.  As I got closer I could hear the G.I.s yelling and they were waving their arms as they crouched…

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