Oscar Rothenberg, American Expeditionary Forces, aprox. 1918, England


Bill, Camp Roberts, 1941

Oscar Rothenberg, 145th Machine Gun Co, November 24, 1918, Belgium

Smitty’s Guard Duty – Letter XVI – conclusion

Pacific Paratrooper

In the event that you missed the previous post, Cpl. Smith serving in the 11th Airborne during WWII, was attempting to visualize his first experience at standing guard duty in a combat zone to his mother in a letter.

At one point, the situation appears critical and the next – a comedy of errors.  Nevertheless, this half of the letter describes his four-hour rest period and the following two hours of standing guard.  Hope you stick around to see how he does.

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Guard Duty (con’t)

As soon as your relief man comes along, you strut back to your tent feeling as proud as all hell knowing that you are a conqueror of the night and a tried and true veteran of the guard.  You are supposed to get four hours of rest or sleep before going on for your second shift, but for some reason or another the…

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Smitty’s Letter XVI – Guard Duty, part one

Pacific Paratrooper


Guard Duty, history.army.com, click to enlarge.

15 January 1945, all of the 11th Airborne Division was back on Bito Beach where they rested, re-organized, got re-equipped, re-trained and with a little time left over – they wrote letters home.  Here starts Number 16 from Smitty….

Letter XVI                                                                 Guard Duty                                                               1/15/45

You have received many notes from me in the past that always seem to contain one line that went something like this, “Have to go on guard duty tonight ____.”  Now in this letter I hope to be…

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Private McClintock, Basic Training, 2010

The Museum is looking for:

People often ask us what kinds of things we are looking for to put in the museum. Here’s a short list of items we’re focusing on right now:

•Plates, mugs, glasses from any military installation
•Collectible spoons that have different cities on the handles-both from US and overseas
•tees from military installations
•Food product boxes, cans, alcohol bottles ( empty) with labels that reflect the military. ( We are doing a new kitchen exhibit.)
•Military or patriotic Christmas tree ornaments
•DODDS, DODEA or International school memorabilia
•Beer Coasters from overseas
•Scrapbooking supplies- military & travel stickers, photo mounting tape, acid-free albums, etc.
•Military unit patches

Letters between troops and their families (scanned, or originals)

Your tax deductible donation can be mailed to:

Museum of the American Military Family
PO Box 5085
Albuquerque, NM 87185

•We are also collecting written memory pieces from spouses and kids who were stationed in Bad Hersfeld or Fulda at any time. These can be emailed to us at:


Thank you for helping us grow!